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JSE Toys & Collectibles: 02/19/09


Thursday, February 19, 2009

New & Used toys & Shoes (SALES)

Price : RM80/=

NOW : RM75/=

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (NEW)

For age 4 yrs and up
Super Flexie Twist and turn this
super toon in wild flexie ways !

Price: RM 15 /= for 3pcs (Include Postage)

NOW: RM10/=

Doggy hair band,1 doggy hair clip, & 1 ballerina bear hair band.

Suitable for baby girls with long hair.

Price: RM 50/=

NOW : RM45/=

Matchbox Tow Truck (New and original) (SOLD)

For Age 3+ play indoor or outdoors
with extending throwing arm

Price: RM 26 Comes in a set of 6 pieces
RM3.50/= EACH

(Mickey & Minnie sold to Anis)

Mc'donalds Used toys collection

When the car moves the character inside the car will spin.Cars can be connected.

Measurement of toy car width 11cmx6cm.

Suitable for crawlers 1 years and up.

Must be under adult supervision.

Price:RM15/= EACH


Wooden hand shake

The measurement for this hand shake is 20cmx5cm
Please choose from left to right.

Price: RM 35 /=

NOW :RM28/=

Ty Beanie Babies

Ty Beanie Babies (new) unopened.Imported from overseas.
Price :RM25/=

NOW : RM18/=

Baby Kiko Shoe (New)

Shoe Size:3 Age:12-18months Length:13.5cm
Price: RM 45/=

NOW : RM38/=

Snoopy Walking Shoe

Well kept exactly like brand new. (Worn 3 times only)
Shoe Size:14 Age:12months Length:14cm
Include postage fees
Serious buyers only.
Price: RM 20/=

NOW : RM22/=

Royale Baby Shoe

This is brand new have not used before.
Shoe size:4 Age:18 months Length :13.5cm
The cushion pad is very comfortable. Price :RM20/= (Include Postage)

Mega Blocks Toy Truck only

Price: RM 35/= (Include Postage)

Baby Pooh

Good as new. Baby will not feel lonely and left in the dark while sleeping.
Function:soft glow n 5 sweet melodies.Press pooh tummy it's sing and glow's up button at the back of baby pooh can off the music also then the light will glow when press on pooh tummy.Batteries included.
Age:6 months+
Price : RM75/= Include Posatage (Used)

Little Tikes Beetle Truck (SOLD)

Big and heavy still in good condition.Can put anything in the truck and wind it up to pour it out.Really fun.
Price :RM15/= Include Postage (Used)

Fisher Price Type Writer (SOLD)

Can use to teach ABC's and 123's
Without base sound. Price: RM20/= Include Postage (Used)

Fisher Price Itsy Bitsy Spider (SOLD)

Have melody and song's can be attached to baby crib or cot.
Condition is 65%.

Price: RM25/= Include Postage (New)

Playskool Busy Basic (SOLD)

Age:12 months & above
Pull Boulder for rumblin action!!!

Price: RM 35/= (Include Postage)

NOW :RM30/=

Fill 'N' Spill Fish

Well kept very clean. Exactly like new.
Fishes can be play as finger puppet too and makes noises when u squeeze it. Suitable for age:6 months and up.
Price:RM45/= Include Postage (Used)

NOW : RM40/=

Playskool Melody Mixin Drum (SOLD)

Age :12 months and above
Batteries included.
Lion makes Roaring sound and also Monkey makes Jit jit sound....and also 1 pair or rattle.

Price :RM25/=


Royale Pip shoe

Size :3 Length:13cm Age:12months
It makes pip pip sound while walking.Well kept and quite new.
Price: RM25/= Include Postage (Used)

Fisher Price Story Book Rhymed (SOLD)

Teaches :ABC's,123's Colors,Nursery Rhymes
Entertains:Music & Rhyme,Friendly Bookworm,Dancing Lights
Try ME:Turn Pages,Press Buttons.

Price : RM40/= Include Postage (Used) (Sold to Anis)
NOW : RM35/=

Chicco Stroller Strap On's

Helps mummy do shopping easier while baby in the stroller playing the music.Click on clown feet it plays music still in good condition rarely use.Batteries not included.

Price : RM25/= Postage Included (used)

Mega Block Recycling Truck and one block (SOLD)

Age: 1 years and up
Suitable for crawlers and have ligths.

Price: RM 55/= (Include Postage)

NOW :RM50/=

In The Night Garden

Still Brand new my boy hardly plays with it.Can be push around on the floor for crawlers.
Include postage. Get all 3 for RM55 only.
Iggle Biggle,Makka Pakka,Upsy Daisy.

Price: RM25/= Include Postage (Used)

NOW : RM20/= (SOLD)

Fisher Price Teether 3 pieces (Blue key have melodies),
Fun Time Hippo Teether and Spade roller

All in good condition mostly new items.