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JSE Toys & Collectibles: 07/07/10


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

House hold items for busy moms

Price : RM6.90/=

I strongly recommend this for you to take along during vacation. This is very good for
disinfectant performance that effectively kills a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria and even fungi also effective against A (H1N1) and other influenza A virus. Contains BARDAC205M. It get rids of after smoking area cleans the air, and have lemongrass smell to refresh the air.

Price : RM10.50/=

Having a hard time looking for Jewellery cleaner ? Expensive to send for cleaning ? Try this it save cost and you can wash on all of your jewellery in no time.

Price : 9.90/=

This is environment friendly and is not harmful to skin. Recommended for mothers who always needs to do washing after each meal or after each cooking.

Price : 13.90/=

Kiddie Wash

Worried about your infant and toddler clothes being wash with strong chemicals lubricant ? Don't worry this is definitely the right choice for your child. After washing the texture of clothes it is extra soft too and have a very pleasant smell.
Hand wash using kiddie wash also won't harm your skin compare to other products.